Aaaaaaaaand October notes… Kent’s Korner this month was an introduction to the Python unittest module. After Kent’s presentation, a discussion on unit testing ensued, talking more about the unittest module, Java’s unit testing package Junit, and another popular Python unit testing package nose. We then moved on to our main presentation, where Arc schooled us about Sphinx. Sphinx is a tool for creating and maintaining Python documentation. Sphinx extends reStructured Text to support documenting Python. The Sphinx markup extensions are documented in the Sphinx docs. Sphinx currently uses Jinja for it’s templating. More discussion of restructured text ensued. Kent mentioned that he writes Kent’s Korner in ReST, using Firedrop. It was discussed that ReST is pretty ubiquitous, for example, Trac supports ReST and MoinMoin does as well. New Linux distros coming, Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex in seven days and Fedora 10 is landing soon as well. Arc mentioned Ubuntu Local Community teams, and our local New Hampshire chapter. -Shawn