Here’s a link recap of topics brought up at PySIG. Using Dabo as an application framework and for it’s GUI design tools came up in discussion. Kent told us about a new O’Reilly book coming soon, Head First Programing. This book is an introduction to programming and uses Python as the language to introduce programming concepts with. Jason told us about the Hackers for Charity project, headed up by author and hacker Johnny Long. Ted told us that Quantum Books (in Cambridge, MA) is having a storewide 30% of sale. Ray made an announcement about his company’s, (Auric Systems International) , new product written ~95% in Python. The CN!Express product is a payment processing application package (this product sheet was passed around during the meeting). Bill showed us a blog post from Django wrangler, Jacob Kaplan-Moss. He’s starting a new job where he gets to hack on Django for a living. Lloyd’s gotcha involved SQLAlchemy, a great python toolkit for hacking on SQL. Ray brought up an article by Guido covering suggestions for writing a main() function for your python program. Bill showed us more code from NH election redux, processing ugly HTML dumps of recount results. Ray presented some code: Simple CSV Text Filters. PyCon 2008 Chicago is fast approaching (prereg deadline is March 7). Podcasts of the talks from PyCon 2007 are available. Ray pointed us to New England College. The site is developed with Plone. Bill blames Ted for this article: A Simple Plugin Framework. -Shawn