What a fun time it’s been! I’ve been playing in the same Dungeons and Dragons adventure with friends with over a decade now. I had rolled up a character, for what was to be Paul’s game, and then I promptly moved to Memphis, TN (and Paul promptly moved to California, leaving the reigns squarely in Clark’s hands). I came back from Memphis nine months later, rolled up a new character, and started driving up to Massachusetts from Connecticut about once a month to play. Now, ten years have passed. Clark’s story is told, and the torch has been passed on to me. I’ve worked on the basic concept for over three years now. I fleshed out a lot of what the current plotline is, brainstorming with Frank, and Penny Arcade Expo in August of 2005. I’ve worked closely with Clark to tie our stories together so some of the same characters can live on for perhaps another decade of battling. If you’d like to read about what’s happened in all that time, please either click here to read our story online now, or download a PDF of the same thing for offline reading. I hope you enjoy the story of our exploits! -Shawn